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Wednesday, Nov 22, 2017

2017 Outlook

Scorpio Oct. 24 - Nov. 22

Overall fortune

Though as Scorpio you tend to like to be left alone, in 2017 you are likely to develop a good relationship with others. With the influence from Mars you are likely to be active and positive about your endeavors. Invest cautiously in March and April; try to spend more time with your family members. Take good care of yourself in December.


For single Scorpio you are likely to meet someone you like in social occasions thanks to the influence from Venus. For Scorpio in a relationship you may find it hard to maintain the relationship sometimes hence it is important to stay open and honest with your partner. For Scorpio in a marriage you are likely to have a steady relationship; try to spend more time with your partner.

Money management

Scorpio expects to have a favourable financial status in 2017. You may find your expenditures go up throughout the year. Scorpio may also consider buying a house in 2017. Overall a good social relationship with others often helps you in terms of investment or collaboration. June is a good month for Scorpio.

Academic Guidance

Scorpio may find it hard to concentrate on study owing to social activities. Try to make friends with those who you can learn from. Overall Scorpio expects to perform well in 2017. It is important to plan ahead and stay diligent. For Scorpio who is not in a school environment you are likely to win opportunity for training, promotion and further study.


Scorpio expects to have a smooth year in 2017 in terms of career development. You are likely to perform well in business and people management. You are like to take on important job roles throughout the year. For Scorpio in business you are likely to encounter lots of business opportunities; it is important to conduct market research before you make investments. Overall Scorpio expects to take advantage of different networking opportunities.


Owing to the impact from Mars and Mercury Scorpio may become impulsive from time to time. It is important to control your temper especially when you are under stress. During the second half of the year Scorpio should try to avoid conflicts with others. Overall it is important to participate in physical sports for improving your fitness level.

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