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    Security guard gets shot but still fights off ATM robbers

    Published on November 16, 2017
    CCTV footage of a security guard valiantly fighting off two ATM robbers despite being shot. The incident occurred at a village in outer Delhi, India, on November 15. Two men had followed a cash van on a bike with a plan to barge in and steal money when it was being loaded to the ATM machine. One of them got off from the bike and shot the guard, Dilip Tiwari, in the leg. The injured man instead of giving in meekly opted to challenge him. Seeing his partner in crime grappling with Dilip, the other man was forced to leave the getaway bike and try to loot the money himself. As he kicked open the door, the man loading the machine came out. But before the criminals could attempt to take the money, the bleeding guard took on them again. He persistently blocked their way ignoring their threats that they will shoot him dead. Seeing that they were much younger and stronger than him, Dilip even pleaded with them to go away. Seeing that he was adamant in coming in the way the two men gave up, snatched his gun and drove away. They also fired a few times in the air to keep onlookers at bay. Only after they fled, Dilip slumped on the steps, indicating the heroic effort it had taken to thwart the robbers. Tiwari was taken to a hospital, treated for a bullet injury in his right leg, and then discharged. The Kanjhawala police have registered a case and probing a CCTV footage from the area to ascertain the identity of the gunmen. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Outer) M N Tiwari said the police are yet to make any arrest.



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