Tuesday, May 21, 2019

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2019 Outlook

Aquarius Jan. 20 - Feb. 18

Overall fortune

It is a good year for Aquarius to take some time to reflect in 2019. You may find things don’t always run as smoothly as you want them to. Aquarius

Overall fortune

expects to become more favorable during the second half of the year. You expect to meet others who can help you on your career or academic life.


Aquarius tends to keep a pragmatic outlook towards relationship. You believe that if the relationship means to work it will. For single Aquarius, you may meet someone you like in March. For Aquarius in a relationship, your relationship expects to grow in 2019. For Aquarius in marriage, try to control your temper and be more considerate. However if the marriage cannot work, it is may be time to think about whether continuing to maintain it is a right decision.

Money management

Aquarius expects to have quite a few expenditures before March. Between March and August, you expect to encounter many opportunities to make money, be it partnering with others, purchasing properties, or do businesses. After August, your expenditures expect to go up. Try to take time to budget and plan your outgoings.

Academic Guidance

Aquarius is industrious and you always want to improve your knowledge. There expects to be further study opportunities in 2019. Between January and February it is may be good time for you to learn new things. Try to stay positive when encountering obstacles. At the end of 2019, Aquarius may have opportunity to study abroad.


Aquarius expects to make breakthroughs at work in 2019. Thanks to the influence from Uranus, you expect to have a smooth year. Between March and August, you expect to make breakthroughs, and build better relationships with your boss, business partners, and clients. You will feel motivated by the progress you make. During the second half of 2019 there may be time for you to make changes. Aquarius expects to have a busy time at the end of the year.


You are likely to pay more attention to your health in 2019. It is important for you to have it checked out if you don’t feel well. Try to control your temple and avoid conflicts with others. After August, you may experience things or come across people you don’t like. Try to deal with them calmly. Try to establish an exercise routine.

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