Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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2018 Outlook

Aries Mar. 21 - Apr. 19

Overall fortune

There expects to be changes for Aries in 2018. You are expected to encounter challenges hence it is important to stay calm and deal with them rationally. Try to pay more attention to your health and avoid prioritizing your work over your health. Overall Aries expects to learn a lot and lead a positive life in 2018.


For Single Aries March is a lucky month. You are also likely to meet someone you like between May and June. Try to tell the other person how you feel. For Aries in a relationship, you expect to have a harmonious relationship in 2018. Try to take the time to communicate and to be with your partner.

Money management

Thanks to the influence from Mars, Aries expects to have a favourable financial status at the beginning of 2018. Try to pay attention to your spending habit. Try to avoid allowing other people to take control of your finance. It is necessary for you to maintain a good relationship with your working partners.

Academic Guidance

Aries may feel confused or anxious in April. It is important to stay focused and make good preparations before exams. Try not to let the campus life affect your productivity. During the second half of the year Aries expects to perform better in school. There may be chance that Aries needs to change to a difference school or a new teacher. Try to take the time to adjust yourself to the new environment.


Owing to the impact from Mercury, Aries may find it hard to make progress at work in 2018. It is important to stay positive and resilient, especially in March and April. Aries expects to make better progress at work or in business in May, August, and September. Thanks to the help from Mars, you expect to succeed in your endeavors.


Aries expect to be careful during traveling. It is important for Aries to adhere to traffic rules. Try to pay attention to your sleep routine, especially during the months when you are busy at work. Try to avoid traveling in July and September. It is necessary for you to control your temper and avoid disputes with others.

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