Friday, January 15, 2021
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Missing Cat Reunited With Owner 3 Years After Fatal Mudslide

A calico cat called Patches was believed to have been killed during a mudslide in Montecito, California on January 9, 2018. Heavy rain on hills where wildfires had taken place caused mudslides that killed 23 people. It was assumed that Patches had passed away along with her owner Josie who was, tragically, a victim of the mudslides, ASAP Animal Shelter and Assistance Program. However, someone found Patches and brought her to the ASAP shelter. The shelter then used the cat’s microchip to identify her owners as Josie and Norm. Norm had no idea that Patches was alive and was “overwhelmed” when he came to pick her up. Though we don’t know exactly what she’s been doing with her life for the past three years, we can see that both Patches and Norm are thrilled to be reunited, ASAP Animal Shelter and Assistance Program
Provided by Video Elephant on Wednesday, January 13, 2021
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