Thursday, April 26, 2018
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  • Flawless Dalmatians Pose for Family Photo
  • Dogs Pray Before Eating
  • Adorable Dog Falls Asleep While Standing on Kayak
  • Carrie Fisher’s Dog Misses Her
  • Spring Has Sprung With Adorable Goat Kids
  • Husky Puppy Falls into Owner's Footprints in Snow
  • Corgi Versus Crab
  • Dog Siblings Reunited After Month Apart
  • Adorable Panda Cubs Won't Let Their Nanny Go
  • Pampered Dog Enjoys Head Massage
  • 5 Rescue Shelters That Are Finding Dogs Love And FURever Homes
  • Dog Flu Very Contagious In US
  • Elephant Seal Play With Expedition Team
  • Five Fascinating Facts About Lynx
  • Dog Shows Off Abnormally Long Tongue
  • Vets Are Looking At Marijuana Products For Pets
  • Find Love For Your Pup
  • Intelligent Dog Finds Loved One's Grave
  • Men Love Cats
  • Lefty or Right Pets
  • Adorable Puppy Plays Hide and Seek with Owner
  • Dog Gets Stuck in Sleeve of Hoodie
  • Sweet Pug Puppy Interacts With Owner
  • Cat uses paw to 'blow' out candle on birthday cake
  • Guinea Pigs Play With Baby
  • Animals are the Best Gardeners
  • Curious Hyena Cub Sniffs Out Trouble on Safari Tour
  • The Cutest Confused Puppy You'll See Today
  • Your Dog Understands Your Baby-Talk
  • Speaking To Your Dog In A Baby Voice Not So Strange
  • Things You Didn't Know Cats Could Do
  • Protective Baby Rhino Guards Mother During Toe Treatment
  • Dog and Meerkat Play Together
  • Puppies Help Bring a Smile to Terminally Ill Girl's Face
  • Baby Sloth Drinks Milk From Syringe at Animal Sanctuary
  • Horse Grooms Cat With Tongue
  • Artist Paints Image of Running Pit Bull
  • These Breeds Embody Puppyhood The Longest
  • Pets Get Allergies Too
  • This Dog Looks Like A Real Life Teddy Bear
  • Puuurfect Pillow! Man Takes Nap on Cheetah
  • World’s Last Male Northern White Rhino Dies
  • Dog Adopts Monkey After Losing Puppies
  • Can Pets Eat Raw Food?
  • Dogs and Stress
  • Overweight Pets
  • Cats Love You
  • Parrot Falls Asleep During Massage
  • Golden Retriever Scared of Inflatable Flamingo
  • Rare Sighting of Orca Pod Off San Diego
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