Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Your Heart Health Could Be Influencing Your Coffee Orders

A study of 390,435 people aged 39 - 73 has found that your heart health may be influencing how much coffee you drink. Participants with heart-related problems were more likely to avoid coffee or drink less of it than those with no heart problems. Researchers discovered that genetics are guiding our decisions on how much caffeine to consume to protect our heart health. If your body is telling you not to drink that extra cup of coffee, there’s likely a reason why. Listen to your body, it’s more in tune with your health than you may think, Elina Hyppönen, Lead Researcher of Study. According to the study, non-coffee drinkers are more likely to experience “adverse effects” from consuming it. These effects include insomnia, restlessness, high blood pressure and an upset stomach. People who drink a lot of coffee are more "genetically tolerant of caffeine" than those who drink little of it.
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