Friday, April 16, 2021

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2021 Outlook

Scorpio Oct. 24 - Nov. 22

Overall fortune

2021 expects to be a smooth year for Scorpio. You find it easier to achieve your goals. At work you expect to receive help from important people. They will help you develop yourself. There expects to be opportunities for you to interact with senior people at work. In terms of relationship single Scorpio expects to encounter dating opportunities.


Scorpio expects to spend lots of time on work hence your partner may feel being neglected. Remember to put time aside to nurture your relationship. Plan short trips with your partner. For Single Scorpio, you have plenty of opportunities to fall in love. Try to take the time and select your dating partner with caution.

Money Management

Scorpio may experience financial challenges in 2021. You may find it harder to close a business transaction. For Scorpio at work, you expect to work hard in order to get promoted. Spend time on nurturing your relationship with others at work. For Scorpio in business, try to work with your business partners.

Academic Guidance

Scorpio expects to perform well in 2021. You may encounter opportunities to interact with new subjects. It is important to stay level headed as it takes time to learn new subjects. Overall you find it easier to study alone. Try to learn from others as they can help you understand and solve difficult problems.


2021 expects to be a smooth year for Scorpio. Though work can be very busy, you are likely to achieve great things. For Scorpio at work you may be requested to explore and develop new markets. Your achievements are likely to win you promotions and salary increase. For Scorpio in business, try to stay with your business plan and work closely with your business partners.


Scorpio may need to pay attention to your health conditions, especially related to your digestion system. It is important to maintain a healthy diet. Try to avoid or reduce spicy food intake. It is important for Scorpio to maintain a good exercise routine. Try to go outdoors more.

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