Sunday, October 25, 2020

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2020 Outlook

Taurus Apr. 20 - May. 20

Overall fortune

Taurus is devoted by nature. You tend to devote lots of your time and energy to other people, especially to those that you care very much. 2020 expects to be a balanced year for Taurus. Taurus expects to encounter a few good opportunities. Try to take advantage of them. In addition you expect to take good care of your health in 2020.


Taurus can be very shy in a relationship. You may find it very hard to tell the other party how you feel. It is important to learn to express your feelings otherwise the other person may not realize how you feel about him/her. Do not shy away from your opportunities. Try to declare your feelings otherwise you may lose the opportunity of entering into a relationship.

Money management

Taurus maintains a cautious and rational attitude towards money management. You prefer to take steady steps to make money. It is rare for Taurus to be envious of other people’s life. Overall Taurus enjoys a steady financial status in 2020. Though there may not be opportunities to make lots of money, Taurus expects to receive a steady income.

Academic Guidance

2020 expects to be year Taurus studies hard in school. As long as you are able to focus and are willing to invest time, you performance expects to improve in school. Try to concentre on your study more, other than being distracted by other things.


There expects to be good opportunities at work for Taurus in 2020. Overall Taurus maintains a positive attitude towards work. You expect to make progress and be recognized by your boss. It is likely that Taurus will be given greater responsibilities at the workplace in 2020.


Taurus always pays great attention to the family members’ health. It is important for Taurus to apply the same attention to Taurus’ own health. Try to go to see a doctor if you do not feel well. It is important for Taurus to take time to relax and restore, other than rushing back to work after an illness.

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