Saturday, September 19, 2020

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2020 Outlook

Virgo Aug. 23 - Sep. 22

Overall fortune

2020 expects to be a steady year for Virgo. You may find some of your areas in life run very smoothly. It is important to reflect on your stubbornness. Sometimes it is important to be more considerate and to reflect in order to learn from your mistakes.


As Virgo you tend to feel you are right and find it hard to compromise. It is important for Virgo to learn to be more considerate. In a relationship often there are no winners in conflicts. Try to take the time to reflect why you are in disputes with the other person.

Money management

Virgo expects to stay cautious towards money in 2020. You are industrious by nature however it is important to focus on the right area. Try to avoid investing all your savings into one area. It is important to plan ahead and make cautious decisions before making any investments.

Academic Guidance

Virgo is always prepared to study hard in school. It is important for Virgo to reflect during the term time. You may find it hard to understand why others are able to excel in their study but you are unable to. It is important to reflect your study techniques.


Virgo often has very detailed career planning. You believe in and are willing to wait for the right opportunities. In 2020 Virgo expects to make breakthroughs at work. Your past hard work expects to pay off in 2020. When the right opportunity arrives, it is important for you to recognize and take advantage of it.


Virgo expects to be in good health in 2020. Virgo generally is very disciplined. You are able to maintain a healthy diet routine and do not get affected by others or the environment. Overall Virgo is also able to maintain a healthy exercise routine and stay in positive spirits.

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