Friday, January 15, 2021

Fun Facts

Elizabeth I used to reward British pirates who ransacked Spanish ships with titles or wealth, which spawned the concept of "privateers." Charles II of Spain, from the inbred Hapsburg line, had so many physical deformities that he was unable to speak or eat without difficulty. He was also infertile, and the last of his family because of it. Peter Freuchen, a Danish explorer known for his expeditions in the Arctic, created a dagger from his own feces to amputate part of his foot when it became trapped under an avalanche. Andrew Jackson's pet parrot had to be removed from his funeral because it wouldn't stop swearing. The town of Salem, New Jersey once sued tomatoes - like, the concept of tomatoes - because they were supposedly poisonous. The trial ended with a guy eating a whole basket of tomatoes. The last ever military engagement of the Lichtenstein army in 1886 suffered -1 casualties when they lost no men and one Italian guy decided to come home with them.

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