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Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular Lights Up A Zoo!

Provided By - Video Elephant on October 30, 2020
Everyone could use a few more smiles in their daily lives…and watching a funny video will often do the Trick... or Treat! OnlyGood TV celebrates Halloween with videos that highlight all the costumes, candies, and things that go bump in the night that makes this holiday fun for kids of all ages. Tis the season for Jack-O-Lanterns! Can you imagine a place filled with over 5,000 illuminated pumpkins? We can... and we've seen it! John Reckner loves carving pumpkins more than the next guy. His Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams' Park Zoo features thousands of creative and breathtaking pumpkins. He and his team, Passion For Pumpkins, have worked around the clock for several weeks carving the intricate details on the pumpkins. They then continue their work throughout the 32 night run to keep the show fresh for visitors. Over a half million visitors have come to the spectacular over the show's 5 year span. The Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular has been selected by the U.S. Library of Congress as a national "local legacy." Come visit one moonlit night and take a stroll through the flickering lights of our pumpkin patch….if you dare! Happy Halloween! Learn more at: To see more OnlyGood COMMUNITY videos, visit us at: Welcome to OnlyGood.TV - It’s a Positivity Movement. We at OnlyGood TV believe that positivity will change lives for the better. We strive to be the hopeful voice that recognizes people are good & out there doing good things for their communities and society at large. We tell the stories of the individuals and organizations that inspire and motivate us, and fuel the Positivity Movement. Watch an exclusive collection of stories featuring PETS, FAMILY, WELLNESS, and COMMUNITY, including unique series and Live Specials that shine a spotlight on everyday people, making the world a better place. #halloween #pumpkincarving #passionforpumpkins #OGTV Visit us at: Like us on the Only Good TV- Hooplaha Facebook Page: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter:



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