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Changing Lives One Love Letter at a Time

Provided By - Video Elephant on June 21, 2018
Love letters aren't just for a significant other! In fact, over 25,000 people around the world write love letters through a NOTEworthy movement that encourages people to send messages of appreciation to those who need them most. Hannah Brencher founded The World Needs More Love Letters after undergoing a difficult transition when moving to New York City. Hannah initially moved to NYC for a volunteer opportunity, and quickly realized her new lifestyle was nothing like she expected it to be. She became lonely, which eventually led to her depression. To combat her depressed state, Hannah wrote down her feelings in a journal she kept with her at all times, which eventually transitioned into writing down notes for people she saw on subways. Hannah began to leave these love letters and messages of encouragement around the city for whomever needed to find them. The World Needs More Love Letters publishes between eight and 10 stories on a monthly basis. Movement supporters around the world read these special stories and then write letters to the people featured in them to lift their spirits and remind them that they are loved. People receive letters for a variety of reasons - they could suffer from depression, illness, loneliness or homesickness. Receiving letters from hundreds of people from around the world on a day when no mail was expected at all is enough to make anyone's smile return. Hannah describes one instance, where the sister of a soldier who came back from war and suffered from PTSD, called Hannah requesting that he be sent letters. About one month later, the sister emailed Hannah saying that her brother broke down from tears of joy and explained that the letters propelled him to pull his life back together. After speaking on a TED Talk, which was published online, Hannah continued to deliver speeches across the country. She went on to publish a memoir, "If you Find this Letter" explaining not only her movement, but also the importance of connecting with other people. Sharing positivity and encouragement is an act of kindness that can benefit someone else's life for the better - so, be like Hannah and go out and spread the love!



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