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4 Child Disciplining Tips For Parents

Provided By - Video Elephant on February 22, 2021
Disciplining your child is something a lot of parents struggle with, so here are some simple ways to keep your child inline. 1. Be A Role Model For Your Child All children learn by watching what their parents do. Show your child the behavior you expect from them by doing it yourself. For example, sitting down for meals as a family is a great way to teach your child table manners and to eat sitting down. 2. Praise Your Child For Good Behaviour Praise is just as important as criticism when disciplining your child. Praising your child when they behave well will make them more likely to continue behaving well in the future. 3. Clear Consequences There should be clear consequences for breaking the rules. Consequences could include a loss of pocket money or less TV. Consequences should be the same each time for the same behavior to help your child understand. 4. Pick Your Battles You won’t be able to say no to everything forever, so decide what is most important to you. Children grow out of most of their bad habits over time, so sort your child’s habits into bad and who cares piles. It’s important for your child to have a good relationship with their parents, don’t ruin it over stupid things that they’ll outgrow.



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