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New York Mom Claims Her Son Can Unlock Her iPhone X's Face ID

Provided By - Video Elephant on November 17, 2017
New York mom Sana Sherwani shared a video on November 14 from her Staten Island home in which she claims her ten-year-old son, Ammar Malik, can unlock her iPhone X using the Face ID system, despite that the feature only supports one registered face.The video shows Sherwani apparently unlocking her iPhone X with her face, then locking her phone again before handing it to her son. Malik appears to unlock his mother’s phone with his face after a few seconds. Sherwani’s husband, Attaullah, recorded the video and shared it on his YouTube page.Attaullah Malik said the family discovered the apparent glitch in the Face ID system when his fifth-grade son walked into their bedroom to inspect his mother’s new phone, shortly after the couple set up Face ID. Sherwani then told her son, “There’s no way you’re getting access to this phone.” Instead, the boy picked up the phone and unwittingly unlocked it, according to a report in Wired.Face ID, which ships with Apple’s newest flagship phone, iPhone X, replaces Touch ID as a method of unlocking the device.The Face ID feature has been subject to plenty of articles, blogs and attempted hacks in the short time since its release. It is possible to swap halfway through the face scan required to set up the feature so that two faces are included in it. EverythingApplePro, tried testing the two-face anomaly but they could not get it to work.Elsewhere, Mashable tested Face ID and reported that identical twins were able to unlock the same iPhone.Apple, for its part, says: “The probability of a false match is different for twins and siblings that look like you as well as among children under the age of 13, because their distinct facial Face ID Security November 2017 2 features may not have fully developed.” Credit: Attaullah Malik via Storyful



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