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The Correct Way To Dry Your Water-Logged Phone

Provided By - Video Elephant on April 14, 2021
It’s a myth that rice can save a water-logged phone. But here's a method that will actually help you. 1. Turn The Device Off Immediately The first thing you need to do is turn the device off immediately. Do not open any apps or press anything other than your power button. 2. Wipe The Phone Dry Use paper towels or a soft cloth to wipe the phone dry, do not blow dry your device. Be careful to ensure no extra water drains into the charging port, sim slot or headphone jack of your device. 3. Shake The Device To Remove Excess Water Gently shake your device to remove water from the charging ports, but don't shake too hard. Shaking too hard could cause more damage. 4. Remove The SIM card 5. Blow The Water Out If you have a can of compressed air lying around use this to blow any remaining water out. Only use compressed air. 6. Dry The Phone Out Leave the phone to dry out in front of a fan. Do not use a radiator or heat gun. 7. Leave Your Phone In An Airtight Container Finally, leave your phone in an air-tight container full of silica gel packets. These are often found inside new shoes and can help absorb the remaining moisture from the device.


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