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Get rewarded with PCHFrontpage!

Earn tokens, plus chances to win cash… just by searching for information you need AND by clicking through the latest news articles and videos.

  • Search to find information like weather forecasts, recipes, and more, as well as receive entries into PCH promotions.
  • Click through the latest news, such as entertainment and lifestyle articles.
  • Do BOTH to earn tokens and open a special bonus opportunity.
  • Watch the latest videos on PCHFrontpage to earn tokens.
  • And Now… an additional way to collect tokens! Check the weather, lottery results, and horoscope readings to score tokens at PCHFrontpage!

Follow these tips to get the most from PCHFrontpage:

  • DO! Use PCHFrontpage for all your web searching! PCHFrontpage brings you results from the leading search providers — Google and Bing. Plus, it's the only search engine with PCH Power!
  • DO! Search for things you are genuinely interested in! Weather reports? Recipes? The latest headlines? Online sales? Movie times? The list is endless!
  • DO! Tell your friends about the great search results and prizes at PCHFrontpage! Share the love ... and the winning opportunities!
  • DON’T! Just search to win! Use PCHFrontpage like any other search engine. Certain search queries and behavior may not be eligible for entry. See the Official Rules for more information.
  • DON’T! Click on search results unless they provide the information you need. Additional clicks will NOT improve your chances of winning. Only click on results you are interested in.
  • DON’T! Keep searching for the same term over and over. This could result in your searching privileges being revoked.

Great News! There are so many ways to earn tokens!

How To Earn Tokens:

  • Visit Daily! You’ll receive Tokens each day that you visit PCHFrontpage!
  • Search!  Go to PCHFrontpage for your first search of the day and receive Tokens!
  • Click Through Articles and Videos! Bank tokens as you go!
  • Get on the Email List! Register and you’ll receive Tokens as well as useful info!
  • Signing up has its Rewards! You’ll earn Tokens on special occasions including your registration anniversary and birthday!
  • And Now… Check the weather, lottery results, and horoscope readings and you’ll earn tokens at PCHFrontpage!


The More Content You View, The More Opportunities You Get.

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  • See what's new!2 3 4 5

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