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Weather Wednesday, February 10

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    Aquarius (WaterBearer)

    January 20 - February 18
    Wednesday, February 10 This promises to be a red letter day because you're feeling so cheerful, happy and lucky. It's certainly a day for enjoying yourself as much as possible, especially if you have something to celebrate such as your birthday. The only snag will come if you're expected to do some hard work because that's the last thing on your mind right now and you'll do almost anything to avoid it. But don't skirt important issues and then get into trouble as a result.

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    A winner in NH, Trump faces fresh test in South Carolina

    MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Now officially a winner after clinching New Hampshire, Donald Trump faced a fresh test for his once-improbable campaign... Full story

    Turkish leaders lash out at UN demands to open border

    KILIS, Turkey (AP) — Turkey's leaders lashed out Wednesday at the United Nations and others who are pressing the country to open its border to... Full story

    Ferguson mayor: City is willing to challenge feds in court

    FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — If the federal government refuses to make changes to an agreement to reform Ferguson's police and court systems, city... Full story

    Big-wave surfers gather in Hawaii for prestigious event

    HALEIWA, Hawaii (AP) — "Eddie would go." That's the mantra of the Quiksilver big wave surf competition in memory of Eddie Aikau, a Native... Full story

    The Latest: Cruz: Trump not conservative enough

    COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — Here's the latest on the 2016 presidential race as Republican and Democratic candidates head from New Hampshire to South... Full story

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